10 Mistakes Brides Make When Dress Shopping

By:   Kristen O’Gorman Klein

#3 Trying On Too Many Dresses

If you’re a fan of Say Yes to the Dress, you’ve undoubtedly seen a bride who’s tried on 100+ dresses without finding the right one. Most brides try on between four and seven gowns, said DeMarco, and shouldn’t try on more than 10, because it can lead to confusion.

Often, a bride is trying on dress after dress because she’s just not ready to end the shopping experience and make a real commitment. “The most common mistake that a bride makes is not purchasing her gown when she finds it,” said Lash. “The danger that befalls her is she becomes overwhelmed and forgets what she originally set out to find. She begins to doubt herself and starts to lose faith in the experience.”

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid….. #1

10 Mistakes Brides Make When Dress Shopping

By:   Kristen O’Gorman Klein

 #1 Bringing An Entourage

We know it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear, and you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. But having 10 different opinions makes it much harder to come to a consensus—and it can bring you farther away from what you actually want. “I have always been a believer that the most a bride should bring when dress shopping is two people,” said Cristina DeMarco, of Bridal Reflections in New York, NY.

Most brides do best with just their mom and maybe a sister or best friend, said Debra Lash, of The Wedding Tree in La Crosse, WI. “They generally have the bride’s best interest at heart, not what they want her to wear.” One of our real bride bloggers, Theresa Misso, recently wrote about her dress shopping experiences and said, “When you’re standing there in a big dress, and random people in the store are ohh-ing and ahh-ing and all you want to do is take it off, you’ll need an honest, reliable companion to say, ‘I love it. But it’s just not you.’”

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Style Me Pretty featured one of our brides!

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Tips for ordering Bridesmaid dresses

If possible, your maids should have themselves measured by a professional seamstress or good-natured tailor at a favorite department store. As silly as it sounds, you actually need a pro’s expertise to measure the right spots. Warn your maids that, like gown sizes, bridesmaid dress sizes run a little small — and no one should stress out if she ends up having to order a size or two larger than she’s used to. Don’t be swayed by the gal who swears, “I’m going to lose 15 pounds by then so order me a size smaller.” Just say no. Tell her it’s much easier to take in than let out, and that she looks fabulous just as she is.

It’s best to order all the gowns at the same time so that they come from the same dye lot. You might be the one ordering the dresses yourself and collecting all the info and money for the salon to place the order, or your maid of honor might offer to take care of it. Whatever the case, as soon as they arrive make sure the dresses are shipped to your bridesmaids. Chances are good that the dresses will need a little altering — and you’ll want to be sure that everyone has time to take care of her gown to make sure it fits.

Read more: Bridesmaids: Dressing Out-of-Town –

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Brides Beware

Please be aware that purchasing gowns on the Internet through a non-authorized retailer IS NOT recommended by Amanda’s Bridal. By doing so, you will be receiving a counterfeit gown of much lesser quality that looks nothing like our original sample. Please do not let this happen to you!

While we understand that in today’s difficult economic times, finding the “best deal” is important, we also know that compromising quality and service to save a few dollars can result in a dress disaster. Our gowns are all constructed from quality fabrics and materials. Finding a shop or web site offering one of our gowns at a substantially lower price than other shops, can likely result in receiving a counterfeit gown of much lesser quality.

Amanda’s Bridal is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide you with excellent quality gowns for your special day. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to visit a local authorized retailer to ensure that a trained bridal consultant treats you with the care and knowledgeable service you deserve!

Help us spread the word! We encourage you to share this information with all of your “bride-to-be” friends.

The following is a list of sites selling counterfeit gowns that are using copyrighted images without the original designer’s consent:


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5 Types of Men who Make GREAT Husbands

This article originally appeared on

In my line of work, I meet a lot of great husbands and the wives who adore them. Over time, it’s not hard to pick up on a pattern among these men — especially when I chat with other wives about why they chose the men they’ve married and what qualities in their husbands have most shaped their marriages. For all those single women out there who often wonder what type of man they should marry or how they will know if he’s “The One” they’re meant to spend forever with, this list is 100 percent for you. It’s based on my own personal experience as a wife, those of the many wives I’ve encountered throughout my career as a Weddings and Relationships editor, and the observations I’ve made about the great husbands I’ve met or bumped into over the years. Not all of the answers are here, but I promise you, this list has some of the insight you seek. Read on, ladies, and take notes.

1. The Provider

He puts family first, always. He’s a selfless man, who lives to please those he cares most about. He’s the kind of man who can work two jobs in his sleep, always has a side-hustle in mind to earn more money, and guards his savings with his life. He can’t rest until he knows the ones he loves are okay. He strives for perfection at home and in the office. Work-life balance is very important to him, but if missing time with his loved ones means a better life for them, he’s always game to put in the overtime and take one for the team. Words like “no,” “can’t,” and “impossible,” are just not in his vocabulary, and when he hears others use them, it only increases his devotion to the task at hand.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Marriage is the start of a new family — your family. You will both want to provide for the family you create together, and it’s imperative that you are partners with the same goals in mind. That said, there will be times when one person just cannot do as much as the marriage (or family) requires — such is life. Marrying a natural-born provider will be a huge plus when the scales in your marriage tip, as they inevitably will at different points along your path.

2. The Rock

At your weakest moments, his strength keeps you stable and inspires you to push through. He isn’t immune to pain or frustration, but he does handle it well, and he knows how to pull himself out of low places. He’s the kind of man who never misses your call when he knows you need to get something off your chest, or better, just a friend to be there for you. Speaking of chests, his is always there for you to lean on, squeeze, and find comfort in when it feels like only a hug will do.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: He’s loyal, devoted, and a true pillar in the world of the woman he loves. This is the perfect recipe for a loving husband that you can count on through thick and thin; what woman doesn’t dream of marrying one of those?

3. The Critical Thinker

There isn’t a problem, big or small, that he isn’t itching to solve. He’s a quick, solid, thinker, who hates to be backed into a corner. He doesn’t just see the problem in front of him; he sees a road map of the many solutions available to him and takes his time as he determines the best way to get there, or the course of action he must take. He is patient, because he has to be — rushing things is rarely the answer and he knows this. He’s diligent, focused, and considers himself a mental Olympian of sorts.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Marriage is truly beautiful, but it comes with its share of problems, and its rough patches. Happier times aren’t always just around the bend — getting there may require a detailed plan and thinking smarter, not harder. He will make a great team player during the moments where the only way to win is to work together, and trust me, those moments can and will arise in marriage.

4. The Believer

When the world around him comes crumbling down and the sun seems as if it will never rise again, this man still believes — his faith is his foundation. It gets him through the good and the bad, and it never falters. He believes in the things unseen and those that many give up on when the world turns cold: hope, morals, kindness, and good will. He has a church home, or a religious mainstay in his life and the fellowship refuels his engines. He’s God-fearing (whoever his God) and he’s proud of his strong beliefs. His moral compass is always turned in a positive direction, and he refuses to accept failure. He helps others and chooses to live his life in a way he believes others should live theirs.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: This man has the emotional tools needed in his toolbox to repair many of the cracks and dents that will inevitably appear in any marriage. He’s a fighter, and he will fight with you and for your marriage. He won’t give up, even when you do.

5. The Free Spirit

Spending time with this man never gets old. He believes that life is about living and therefore is virtually immune to the physical afflictions caused by stress and worry. It’s not that he doesn’t feel those emotions; he just refuses to let them consume him. He stays positive and seeks to enjoy all aspects of his life, as much as humanly possible. He has most likely chosen a career he loves over one that pays all the bills. Therefore he’s just as passionate about his work as he can be about feeding his cravings for new adventures. He enjoys traveling and most likely has a bucket list at least a quarter complete. He doesn’t believe in wasting time worrying about what can’t happen and prefers to shift his focus to what can. With him, there’s never a dull moment at home, in the bedroom, or when you’re out and about. His inner light shines through and warms the spirits of those around him. He keeps life exciting — almost as if, each day he presses the refresh button.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Spending the rest of your life with the same person, doing many of the same things can be as boring or as exciting as you make it. Marrying this man ensures that one pitfall your marriage won’t ever fall into is that of pure and utter boredom. It sounds simple, but it’s so important.

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Marry the Man Who…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy my gown online?
Only Maggie Sottero products purchased directly from authorized Maggie Sottero retailers are certain to be genuine Maggie Sottero products. Purchasing Maggie Sottero products from unauthorized sources, either on the web or in unauthorized retail locations can involve certain risks. Please refer to our Store Locator for important information regarding these risks.

Can I receive a catalog?
Catalogs are available to view at any of our authorized Maggie Sottero retailers. Please visit the Store Locator to find a retailer in your area. All of our gowns can be viewed on-line by visiting our Collection page.

In what sizes are your gowns available?
Most of our gowns are available in sizes 0-28. However, certain styles do have a limited size range. Please visit an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer for additional sizing information.

What is the difference between Maggie Sottero, Sottero & Midgley, and Destinations by Maggie Sottero gowns?
Please visit our About Collections page for a description of each collection.

How can I find the price of a gown?
Please visit the Store Locator on our website to find an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer in your area. They will be happy to assist you with pricing information.

How long does it take to receive my gown?
Please visit your nearest authorized Maggie Sottero retailer for specific information regarding the gown you are interested in. Delivery time may vary from style to style. Your local authorized retailer may contact us directly to inquire about the quickest delivery available for your gown.

Can I buy my gown directly from Maggie Sottero?
As we are a manufacturer, we do not sell directly to the public. Please visit the Store Locator on our website to find an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer in your area.

How do I confirm that a store is an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer?
You can verify a retailer as being authorized by finding them on our online Store Locator. Also, please look for our “Authorized Maggie Sottero Retailer” seal in the retailer’s shop window. In addition to the aforementioned steps, your retailer should provide you with a “Maggie Sottero Certificate of Authenticity”. This is a beautiful certificate including an embossed seal, an original serial number, and a place for the bride’s name and the name of the authorized store where the gown was purchased.

How can I clean my gown?
We recommend visiting for proper gown cleaning and preservation. Enter Security Code 9D8 for a discount at checkout.

How can I be included in the Maggie Brides section of this website?
We love to hear from our beautiful Maggie Brides! We cherish the joyous experiences our Maggie Brides have shared with us, and would love for you to be a part of this special Maggie tradition. Simply fill out the Maggie Brides form to submit your photo and story.

What is the difference between White and Diamond White?
Our Diamond White is a very light ivory. It has a beautiful softness that makes it very flattering on all skin tones. White is a true, pure white color that would give you that “wedding white” look. Our authorized retailers will be able to show you the differences between Diamond White and White with their fabric swatches.

Are photographs available of each color option?
Our gowns are only photographed in the colors shown on our website. Please browse through our Maggie Brides page to see if a bride is wearing the color you are interested in.

Can my gown be ordered with custom length?
Most styles are available in custom length. Custom length refers to various lengths shorter or longer than a standard length gown. Please have your authorized Maggie Sottero retailer contact us directly to inquire if your gown is available to order in custom length. They will also be able to discuss the best length to order considering your preferred shoe height, petticoat size, etc.

Can I cancel my order or return my gown?
Our authorized Maggie Sottero retailers have their own return/exchange policies. Please refer to your sales agreement or contact them directly for any available options.

Privacy Policy
View our Privacy Policy

For all other inquiries, please contact your nearest authorized Maggie Sottero retailer. They are extremely knowledgeable about our collections and will be happy to work with you to ensure your questions are answered. They are also happy to contact us directly on your behalf, if necessary.

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Watch out for Counterfiet Designer Gowns

Only Maggie Sottero products purchased directly from Authorized
Maggie Sottero Retailers are certain to be genuine Maggie Sottero products.

Purchasing Maggie Sottero products from unauthorized sources, either on the web or in unauthorized retail locations can involve certain risks including but not limited to:

The products could be copies, knock-offs, counterfeits or imitations that are certain to be of inferior quality. Only genuine Maggie Sottero products offer the fit, quality and true value for which Maggie Sottero is known.
The gown may not be delivered even though a deposit has been made or the gown has been paid for in full. Maggie Sottero only ships products to Authorized Retailers. If an unauthorized retailer offers to order Maggie Sottero products, they are either ordering a counterfeit product or are ordering through unauthorized channels. If Maggie Sottero discovers the supplier of an unauthorized retailer, the supplier is subject to termination. Maggie Sottero can only assist brides in the delivery of their gown if the gown is purchased from an Authorized Maggie Sottero Retailer.

The number of counterfeit products in circulation is rising constantly. Counterfeit Maggie Sottero products are being offered on websites (E-commerce), in web auctions and in unauthorized retail locations. In some cases, suppliers from China claim they produce genuine Maggie Sottero products. These products, however, have proven to be counterfeit and have been the cause of great dissatisfaction, disappointment and regret.

Authorized Maggie Sottero Retailers provide a high level of service and support that their customers deserve and Maggie Sottero expects. Authorized Retailers are free to set their own prices. If the price of a Maggie Sottero product is significantly below the prices generally prevailing in the market, it is highly likely it is not a genuine Maggie Sottero product. For your security, please visit the store locator page to find an Authorized Maggie Sottero Retailer.

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Important info on Gown ordering times


* Amandas Bridal & Tux Newsletter *

January 2012 F.Y.I.

Buyer Beware of the

. . . China Syndrome

No, it’s not an old Jane Fonda movie. It’s a shipping thing. There is an old expression that something “is on a slow boat from China” when it will take a long time to arrive. Well,….

This year we are seeing shipping dates jumping from 4 months to 7 months…!!! Seriously.

The Chineese workers are making more money and working less hours in an effort to be more like Americans…hey, I didn’t make this up. This is causing prices to rise and it’s taking longer to make your dresses. ORDER EARLY….even “rush” charges may not get your gown here on time if you wait too long to order. This is also true for bridesmaids. FYI, NOT all dresses will take this long…some styles come with “Express” shipping, others may have quicker cutting schedules and some styles are hanging stock. Ask your consultant.

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Pampering Brides for 20+ years !
Mon – Thu 11:00 to 8:00
Fri 11:00 to 6:00
Sat 10:00 to 5:00
Sun 12:00 to 5:00
(During busy season)


May we recommend a weekday vs. Saturday, if possible . . .there is a wait for a dressing room and consultant on most Saturdays as we do NOT require appointments.
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Do I need an Appointment ? NO
Will there be a wait ? Yes, usually on weekends and “usually” No during the week.
Do you have a large variety of styles?
Yes, all together we have over a thousand Samples in our store.
What is your price range for Wedding Dresses.
Our motto is “Value, Service,and Selection”. We feature top quality designers at moderate prices. Dresses start at $99.00 (discontinued) and go up to $1,500 +/-. Most of our wedding dresses are in the $600 to $800 range. We have lots of bridesmaids between $129 and $159.
How many friends should I bring dress shopping?
This is a great question. Believe it or not, the fewer the better. Over 20 years we’ve learned that too many different opinions will lead to a VERY stressful shopping experience. A Mom and sister or your maid of honor is often best. The choice is up to you. Check out the cable TV shows…LoL
Do you offer “Group Discounts” ?
Yes, we offer discounts to your bridal party when you purchase your wedding dress from Amanda’s Bridal & Tux. Includes: Tuxedos, Flowergirls, Mother’s and more.
Do you have a play area for kids?
No, we are a small intimate salon. Experience tells us leaving the little ones with a sitter will greatly enhance your enjoyment on this, “your special day”, and reduce stress. Read more

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2011 (four years in a row)

Denver’s Favorite


Wedding Dress

store !
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I-70 and Wadsworth. Arvada
Next to Sports Authority in the Sam’s Club Shopping Center..

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Fun Receptions

20 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

Well, they’re not really secrets — just really solid ideas.
1 of 20

Change Into Something Comfortable
Let’s put it this way: You won’t have a good time at your reception if you can’t breathe, right? So after the first dance, swap your veil and train for a little white dress. (This applies to grooms too — depending on the formality of the wedding, guys can change out of a restricting tux into a more relaxed suit.) If you and your new spouse are comfortable enough to move freely, you’ll dance more, chat more and laugh more, and that’ll rub off on your guests.

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