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Below is important information regarding your alterations appointment. 
Please call the shop if you have any further questions.

  • All balances on your merchandise must be paid in full prior to starting your alterations.

  • You are not required to pay your alterations in full, at least half is due at the 1st fitting. The remaining is due at your final fitting.

  • You must bring your shoes and any under garments that you plan on wearing with your dress. The seamstress will not work on the dress without these items. If you forget them, you will need to be rescheduled which will not be guaranteed with our in-house seamstresses due to our high volume.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment you will need to be rescheduled. We cannot guarantee we will have availability to reschedule you in house due to our high volume.

  • Alterations are NOT included in the cost of the dress, and have an average range starting at $500-$1200 for wedding dresses.  The prices can be higher for custom work. Bridesmaids/Mothers can range from $120-$500. This all depends on the work that is needing to be done, fabric/layers etc.

  • Alteration appointments are 1/2 hour. If you are needing to look at accessories you will need to make a separate appointment. 

  • Due to space and seating in our alteration section, we allow you to bring 2 guests.

  • We have a different seamstress here on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Whatever day of the week that your first fitting falls on, that will be the same day you will have your 2nd/final fittings so you are with the same seamstress who has your dress. Please be prepared to schedule those fittings at your first appointment with the seamstress.

  • If you are providing any fabric/beading/appliques for custom work, you must bring that to your first appointment unless otherwise arranged by Amanda's.

  • If our seamstress pins your dress and you choose not to have her complete the alterations, there is $25 pinning fee that will be charged to your account and the pins will be removed.

  • Unless specially arranged by our staff, typical alteration time frame for bridal gowns need to be started 10-12 weeks prior to your event. Bridesmaids/Mothers need 6-8 weeks. *Customizations require more time.

  • You are not required to use our seamstresses. We offer this service to our brides because they are most familiar with our dresses and the best around!

  • After alterations are completed we offer pressing and steaming for bridal gowns and bridesmaids. Wedding dress pressing is $150, bridesmaids are $25. We need the dress in the store at least 1 week prior to your pickup, which is usually a few days before your wedding.

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