Why you should avoid online shopping and support your local community

Receive Professional Measurements

When purchasing your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, getting professionally measured is extremely important. Expert stylists know exactly where to measure and can recommend the correct size needed. Each designer has specific size charts and accuracy is key. If you measure yourself you might not be doing it correctly because you're not pulling the measuring tape in the right spot or because you are not measuring in the right place. If you are petite you might need to get a custom measurement to get the right length (this saves money on a hem during alterations). That will require additional measurements and without the dress on you won't be able to determine how to measure the length. It costs to get professionally measured if you are not purchasing the gown from a retailer and it will cost less in the long run with alterations in case the incorrect size is ordered. 


Use a trusted seamstress

This is the last and most important part of your wedding gown buying process. Alterations are needed on every type of wedding attire. Our seamstresses in-store have years of experience and are most familiar with altering wedding attire specifically. All fittings take place at our boutique so we can take care of you every step of the way and ensure you get the perfect fit. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses have a lot of boning and material that is unlike regular clothes and are more complicated to alter. Not going to a reputable seamstress can lead to your dress being altered incorrectly and purchasing a new dress will only cost more money and lead to a stressful situation. 


Shipping is included and we will make sure it arrives on time 

Unfortunately, we've all been there where we order something online and it either never arrives or does not arrive in time. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses bought online are no different. If you decide to buy from a website, you are taking the chance that your dress will not show up for the big day. These dresses are only worn once and it’s a big risk to take for such an important day in your life. Plus additional shipping on a gown is not included when you purchase online. Most online companies want payment before you receive your dress. Although this is typical with online retailers, be careful before paying. Once you pay, your once attentive customer service representative might go off the grid and there is no longer a way get a hold of them. Most bridal gowns take four-seven months to make as most of the details are all hand made. The beading, lace,  and other details take time to design. You want to purchase your bridal gown from a place you can trust and don't want to fall victim to a scam. We also provide your garment bag for free ($25.00 Value) to ensure your dress is safely protected. 


Have the opportunity to try dresses on for free

Many online websites charge per dress to try on and ship out. It typically costs at least $10 per dress which will add up fast to the original cost of the dress. In store we have over 220 wedding gowns and 400 bridesmaid dresses to see in person and try on. Trying on dresses is also important for deciding what fit you love most on your body.  Ordering something online without trying it on first means you aren’t giving yourself the opportunity to see what silhouette compliments your style and shape best. When purchasing bridesmaid dresses, you want the opportunity to see color swatches and fabrics in person. Colors can look different online and if you want to order a swatch online to see, they cost money. We provide color swatches for free to our brides and help style and coordinate your entire wedding party. This includes your groom and groomsmen attire as well.


Online retailers typically sell knock-off designer gowns 

 You've likely heard the horror stories of brides who thought they found the wedding dress or the bridesmaid dress they tried on in store at a lower price online. Only a bridal store who is an authorized retailer for the designer's line can order dresses directly from the designer. None of our designers in store sell online and you will not be receiving the dress you saw in store. We've had many stories of brides and bridesmaids who come in a week before their wedding wanting to order the dress they originally wanted for the wedding. At that point, it is unfortunately too late. 


Wedding attire will be pressed and steamed for free

Pressing and steaming is not included when purchased online. Since dresses get shipped directly from the designer, they come packed in a box and are usually wrinkled. After alterations, our shop will make sure your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are perfectly pressed and steamed for your big day. This service is complimentary to our brides at a $100 value. 


Most Importantly- Don't miss out on your shopping experience with friends and family

Shopping for your wedding dress is an emotional experience which adds to the excitement of the ‘big day!' Buying your dress online means forgoing the opportunity to try on dresses with your friends and family and finding the ONE. Don’t abandon the experience for a cheap alternative- make the most of every aspect of wedding planning! There's no price you can put on the memories you will have while planning your wedding. If you buy your dress online you are giving up the opportunity to work one on one with dress experts who understand every detail about your wedding is important. Amanda's Bridal wants to make the most out of your experience and celebrate this wonderful time in your life!


Save yourself the stress. Shop local to support your community and from a place that has a great reputation. Usually, if the deal is too good to be true, it is!

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