ABT Charity - Supporting MS

ABT Charity

Supporting MS during the Month of May

For the month of May, Amanda's Bridal & Tux wanted to promote awareness for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Many people don't fully understand this disease and it can be difficult for those families who are affected. MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the centeral nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body. MS tends to affect people's motor skills making daily tasks difficult. There is no cure, only treatments.

Here at Amanda's we choose monthly charities that are close to our hearts or that have affected us personally. Our amazing stylist Tobie has experienced this disease first hand with her mom. Tobie's mom Regina was diagnosed with MS in 1985, a year before Tobie was born.

Growing up, Tobie has seen the ups and downs MS can cause in a person. Although everyday tasks became more difficult and unpredictable, Regina managed to raise her family with positivity, love and strong family values.

When Regina was unable to go to work, that didn't stop her from achieving goals and pursuing the things she felt passionate about. Her passion included helping others and music. Prior to her diagnosis, she was a licensed cosmetologist and owned a bar she named Reggie's Pub. In the mid 90's, she became a licensed irodologist and herbalist. There were few treatments at that time for MS which lead Regina to take a natural path in alternative medicince. She created an informational series of cassette tapes on the human body, all produced by Tobie's dad, which was stocked on the shelves at local health and vitamin stores. She is also a published poet with her gentle story of "Ode to the Sea".

Regina and her husband Cary composed numourous pieces of music, with her on the keyboard and him on the Bass guitar, both singing their hearts out to each other. Doing local gigs on the weekends at countless bars and clubs for different events.