Victoria + Andrew 06.02.2018

Real Abt Bride- Our Bridal Stylist Victoria!

Our beautiful stylist Victoria got married this summer and we are so excited to share her story! Not only did we get to join her during her wedding journey but we're also extremely excited to share how she met her husband at our shop!

For those of you who have had the pleasure to meet or work with Victoria, you know instantly how caring, funny and sweet she is. Her and Andrew's love story is one of a kind, they make you believe in true love.

How We Met!

Andrew and I met on May 21, 2016. Andrew rented a tuxedo for his friend's wedding from our bridal shop. I measured Andrew for his tux, and upon presenting the rental contract to Andrew, I said, "sign and date at the bottom and let me know if you have any questions". Andrew replied, "Actually I do have a question. Would you go on a date with me?" I said I would consider it and asked him to leave his phone number on the back of one of my business cards, to which he responded, "do you need any of this stuff on the back?" With a smile and a warm heart, I said, "no, I work here". Two days later, on May 23, we went on our first date and the rest is history.

The Proposal!

Andrew proposed on March 9, 2017. We had talked about getting married and I got to pick my ring (shout out to Marion at Jewelfire Diamonds in Old Town Arvada! He made custom rings for us, is passionate about what he does, and did an amazing job!), so I knew the proposal was coming at some point.

I love going on drives to see city lights. I think they’re beautiful and it’s relaxing. While we were dating Andrew and I would frequently go on drives to find the best views of the city. On this particular evening, we were supposed to be meeting Andrew’s parents for dinner. He picked me up at my house and as we were about to arrive at the restaurant, his mom texted and he asked me to read it since he was driving. She said that they would be about 40 minutes late meeting us for dinner because there was a huge leak under their kitchen sink. Andrew suggested that we go on a drive to kill time because he knew of a place nearby that had an amazing view of Denver.

We drove for about 15 minutes and at the top of the hill, there was an empty lot between two houses where there truly was an amazing view of the city. Andrew said he had binoculars in the trunk if I wanted to get a better view. I wasn’t too interested in the binoculars since I like seeing the view as a whole rather than just bits and pieces, but figured I would go along with it. We went around to his trunk and he moved some blankets and a sun shade and underneath it all, he had lined his trunk with yellow fabric (my favorite color!) and arranged lots of roses and LED c