RING in the New Year Winner!

Ring in the New Year!

Every January we love starting the New Year off with our RING in the New Year special! Not only do we love giving our future Abt Brides a special offer on their wedding gown but we LOVE hearing their proposal stories!

We can't help it- we want to hear all the sweet and romantic details about how he asked and when you said YES. We also love seeing that beautiful BLING on your finger!

Meet our Abt Bride Kara!

Kara said yes to the dress on February 13, 2019. She picked a gown by our wonderful designer Casablanca Bridal!

Read her super cute Christmas proposal and how her future hubby asked in such a creative way!

"Our proposal story is intimate and perfect. A little back ground: Brent and I have been together for almost 6 years when he popped the question. I tend to be the more romantic or "mushy" one as we call it. I had given him some fun books that I've made over the years. We met in Southern California where I'm from and where he lived for about 5 years. He's from Denver and moved back here in April 2016. I followed in July of 2017. Even after all of our years of back and forth we had never spent Christmas together. We both cherish our traditions with our families. This year Brent offered to come to CA for Christmas. I was so excited with trying to make sure he experienced a full Brunworth Christmas that I missed the scheming going on behind the scenes!

We got up Christmas morning, in our matching PJs (thanks mom!) and opened our stockings like normal. We made a delicious breakfast all four of us. While cooking everyone took turns showering and getting dressed. Here I am in my new cute pajamas and didn't want to change, I mean come on... it's Christmas! After putting up a litt